Spring comes early to Crete. By March there are usually many wildflowers to be seen, daytime temperatures are often delightfully warm and the swallows start arriving just after the middle of the month.

Key festival this time of year:

Easter - without doubt the most important festival in the Greek Orthodox calendar. The midnight service celebrating the resurrection is a must not miss experience! In Kastellos, ask at the taverna to find out which church the service will be held at, and at which time (Kastellos shares its priest with Somatas so the two villages take it in turn to have early or late services)

In Armenoi, the service is held at the main church near to the school. There's usually a bonfire afterwards. and fireworks.

Easter Sunday - at Taverna Castellos there's usually the traditional spit roast whole lamb. It's very popular, so don't forget to call in and book a table beforehand.